How to Retire on Dividends

Income investing experts Brett Owens and Tom Jacobs will show you how to safely double, triple and even quadruple these yields. Turn the 2% that stocks pay into 6%, 7% and even 8% (for $80,000 on that million bucks) without doing anything risky.

In this book, Brett and Tom will take you beyond Wall Street’s “blue chip BS” and create a portfolio that can actually generate meaningful income. It’s a “no withdrawal portfolio” that relies entirely on dividend income and leaves your principal 100% intact.

As you build this perfect retirement portfolio, you’ll trade in your overrated exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for higher paying and undervalued closed-end funds (CEFs). They are a better vehicle for buying stocks and bonds and for securing higher yields. You’ll also buy under-the-radar stocks that pay big dividends, such as recession- proof REITs (real estate investment trusts).



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